WOOD BRIDGE MUSIC SHOP is the small shop with a big impact.

With excellent instrument, great teachers, and an outstanding and personable staff, Wood Bridge Music Shop is the one place for excellence and service for all your music needs.


About Our Instruments

We have traveled and searched around the world to bring the finest quality of instruments at a cost that is accessible to everyone. Purchasing an instrument can be ab exhausting task, and we believe that we an eliminate some of the stress involved. Our stringed instruments are shaped in the patterns established by Antonio Stradivari then they are hand finished.

10 Year Guarantee

One of our goals is to maintain a high standard of consumer service to everyone that steps into our shop. That is why all of the WOOD BRIDGE label string instrument come with 10 year guarantee. This is our pledge  to provide an instrument of great sound.

Trade-In Policy

If you decide to upgrade in either size or design, we offer a simple plan that allows for a painless transition for your student, as well as your wallet. Please feel free to inquire about your trade-in with anyone of our staff.